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September 24, 2008

WinCE 6.0 DirectShow Camera Driver Higher Resolution support

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I have been working on the Wince 6.0 DirectShow Camera driver for quite a long time. I have taken NULL PDD driver from PUBLIC code and changed the source to support our custom sensor board. Our camera sensor can support a still resolution of 1600×1200.

With the help of one sample application I am able to see the preview and I am able to capture the still,but supports still resolution up to 640×480.But for a long time with our driver I am not able to get the still of 1600×1200.

Once I increase the resolution of the Still in the driver to 1600×1200,the application fails to run even preview is also not coming.

For debugging this issue I was breaking my head by changing lot of configuration setting in the DirectShow Camera driver. Using debug version build I found the reason for the failure is due to lack of the program memory. The development board which I used for testing contains only 64 MB of SDRAM.

So I tested in different development board which contains 128MB of SDRAM. After giving enough program memory my application starts capturing still of resolution 1600×1200(2MP).But I don’t know the reason why this application is taking too much amount of memory (around 90MB) for running simple Preview and Still pins. As I am not familiar with DirectShow Application development I am investigating on it, I will try to find the reason and will post it in future.



September 20, 2008

Playing Media File FULLSCREEN in CEPlayer.exe

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Normally in CEPlayer.exe for playing the video in full screen mode you need to select the FULLSCREEN option from the VIEW menu.

If you are developing an application on Windows CE from which you want to play any of the media file in full screen mode then here is the simple code to do it.

#define ID_VIEW_FULLSCREEN              40016

if(CreateProcess(_T(“\\windows\\ceplayer.exe”),_T(“\\windows\\test.wmv”), NULL,


    // Wait until the player comes to the foreground window

       hWnd = GetForegroundWindow();
       if (hWnd == NULL)
               DWORD error = GetLastError();
               RETAILMSG(1,(_T(“Get HWnd Failed Error = %d”),error));
                if(i < 5)



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